Collect more authentic customer reviews

Turn customer experiences into stars.

Reach your customers any way you want

Customize everything to fit your brand

Boost your ranking on Google to #1

Reach your customers any way you want

Easily gather reviews to grow business

For a business online reputation can't be left ignored. People talk about your business, includes prospects, customers, and clients. They tweet about your latest product, leaving a comment on your blog, posting a Facebook update about their customer experience, and much more.


Gather Customer Feedback With Personalized Messages

Customize all messages to match your brand identity to increase open and click-through rates.

Reach customers by text or email to gather customer feedback effectively for a single location or across an entire multi-location brand.


Collect Reviews On Sites That Make An Impact

Glowing reviews help businesses shine in local search! Collect new reviews on third-party review sites, social media profiles, and first-party landing pages.

Never miss a chance to collect authentic customer feedback with the Review Generation Widget right on your website.


Measure Performance Effectively

Measure success with a conversion funnel, and track progress over time. Get an at-a-glance roll-up of a brand’s success or filter by specific locations.

Try Customer Voice for FREE!

We offer two editions of our customer feedback tool: Customer Voice Express and Customer Voice Pro. The Express edition is a simplified tool with essential features such as saving one template and sending 15 emails per month. Once you’ve come to know and love the Express edition, easily upgrade to the Pro edition and unlock more ways to gather customer feedback and grow your online reviews.

Listing Builder Software Features

Features Customer Voice Express Customer Voice Pro
Create customers Unlimited Unlimited
Send email review requests 15 per month Unlimited
Bulk send review requests
Sync Customer List in Business Center with Customer Voice
Customize and display the Review Widget on any website to conveniently ask for feedback from customers
Customize and save review request templates 1 40
Access to purchasing SMS add-ons
Send automated follow-up email to customers who haven't shared their positive review


Consumers often search online for a local business with recent reviews and an average review rating of at least four stars. If a business doesn’t fall into that category, there’s a good chance they’re losing potential customers to competitors. To avoid losing sales, it’s important to continuously generate positive reviews while managing the negative ones.

For local businesses, having a steady stream of recent reviews is crucial. 73% of consumers say reviews written more than 3 months ago aren’t relevant anymore. Customers want to see reviews that relate to the business as it is today.

Listing Builder is needed in order for Customer Voice to access the My Listings page.

  • Bulk upload customers
  • Unlimited email review request capabilities
  • Bulk send emails
  • Send SMS review requests, available through add-ons
  • Bulk send SMS
  • Up to 40 saved templates
  • Review generation widget

An unlimited number of email review requests can be sent per day.

Due to mobile service provider standards the daily limit of SMS requests is 150. If you are sending a large number of SMS requests per day, this helps prevent your number from being flagged as a spam account.

A dropped SMS request can be due to several reasons. Click on the tooltip next to the status to see a possible reason why the request was not able to send. Most likely it’s due to:

  • The phone number is a landline and is unable to receive text messages.
  • The number has blocked receiving messages from unknown numbers.
  • The phone associated with this number is turned off or unavailable.
  • The number you’re trying to send to may no longer exist.
  • And occasionally an SMS message will not be delivered due to being flagged by the mobile carrier or an unknown error. This can happen because of spam filtering by the service provider. In this case, you can wait a moment and try to send the message again.


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